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What is this magick?!

Welcome to the Podchamber, Scientist!

Blastropodcast is the Internet's premiere fake Science real Comedy talk show hosted by a character from the Italian Renaissance.

Listen to luminary dimwit Dottore Balordo & his hapless guests as they explore Science - almost. 

New and Bloatworthy

Idiot roommate appears on clickhole!

Mark portrayed a weirdo on the Onion's website Clickhole, to the surprise of no one. See it here.


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Blastropodcast episode release schedule - April-August 2016 (C.E.)

  • 4/15: Blastropodcast Presents Muffed Movies: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, pt. 1 
  • 5/15: Blastropodcast Presents Muffed Movies: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, pt. 2
    • 6/1: Patreon Reward Released: Call of Cthulhu pt. 1
  • 6/15: Blastropodcast episode 43: Science Fallacies feat. Kent Green
    • 7/1: Patreon Reward Released: Call of Cthulhu pt. 2
  • 7/15: Blastropodcast Presents Rue Britannia episode 2 feat. Grant Howitt
    • 8/1: Patreon Reward Released: Call of Cthulhu pt. 3

The Studio web series is happen!

February. 2016

Our idiot roommate Mark Soloff has a cameo on the web series The Studio. Watch him perversely manipulate a bit of stationary, and then question your assumptions about the sanctity of life. The Studio was created by friend of Blastropodcast, Chris Bashen!

Monthliness is Dogliness!

January. 2016. 

Due to tremondous demand on Dottore's idiot roommate's life-essence, Blastropodcast / Muffed Movies episodes will be released on a monthly basis. Starting in February, episodes will drop on the 15th of every month.

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Surveyval of the fittest!

August. 2015.

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Guest Appearances

Mark Soloff (that idiot roommate) recently guested on Blurry Photos' new series, BullStone and the Improvised Star Trek podcast's: "The Past Just Isn't What it Used to Be" and "Thithyphuth"!

Theme Song!

The Blastropodcast theme got a hot new makeover, courtesy of Stephen Poon!

Stephen Poon - Sound Maverick

Stephen Poon - Sound Maverick

Stephen composes for the sci-fi radio epic Our Fair City, manages the Doctor Who-themed rock band Time Crash, edits for Chicago-based documentary film company 137 Films, and manages video production for Northwestern University.  

Thank you Stephen!


Blastropodcast won the 2013 Parsec Award  for Best Speculative Fiction Comedy/Parody Podcast!


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When Blastropodcast wins, the Earth itself wins!*

2013 Winner Badge.jpg

*According to Studies, long-term decomposition of 7 billion humans can result in soil-enrichment. Support your local man-trough.

  Artwork by Dan Streeting



Dottore's idiot roommate Mark Soloff hosted

Our Fair City's live show, "The Archibald Funnypants Variety Hour" at the 2013 Chicago Fringe Festival.

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