Tasty Science with a Side of Baloney


Praise for Blastropodcast

I simply cannot overstate what a talented and lightning quick wordsmith the host is. Puns, rewordings, intentional mispronunciations and other tomfoolery slide so effortlessly from his mouth. Blink your ears and you’ll miss it. The actual science is there, real facts are discussed, but I don’t think that is the point of the show. This is a keeper!
— Matt Kubinski (Cinemajaw)
Dottore’s manic mind keeps the show fresh and unexpected. It gets better with every episode!
— TheYoungKing45
His speech patterns appear to be spoonerisms wrapped in a metathesis tortilla and dunked into a secret sauce of pure enjoyment. The consumption of this podcast is guaranteed to please!
— Thaddeus Tackleburg, PDF
Nothing better than a terribly flawed blowhard leading us astray in the name of science!
— MadMaskMan

Reviews of Dottore's live appearances 

... the side-splitting, malaprop-laden ramblings of Mark Soloff’s Dottore—we’d return just to see what he comes up with next.
— Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago
[Dottore] commands our attention with his booming voice while making assertions whose hilarious inaccuracy is matched only by his own unflappable certitude.
— Joy Campbell, Chicago Theatre Beat