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Mark's New Novel - The Silent Scream of Melania Trump

Dearest scientists,

I am writing a horror novel about Melania Trump. I know, right?

It is a horrific adventure through a nightmarish incarnation of feudal Japan. To escape, Melania will have to survive unholy magic, unrelenting monsters, and a megalomaniacal shogun. This story is about the consequences of choosing the security of oppression over the suffering of resistance. 

The Silent Scream of Melania Trump is available for pre-order on (it's like Kickstarter for books). If 250 people place pre-orders, Inkshares will publish the novel in e-book and on-demand printed formats! If we don't hit 250, your money will be completely refunded (just like a Kickstarter campaign). Please click here to order the book.

My book is also entered to compete in Inkshares' horror contest. If it is in the top 3 tier of pre-orders by October 31st, it will be published and get all sorts of extra marketing and distribution. Fellow Our Fair City writer, Jim McDoniel, won Inkshares' contest last year and now he's a human-titan!

Thank you very much for reading! 

- Mark 


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