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Episode 37: Illusion My Mind w/ Grant Howitt

Games designer Grant Howitt Skypes in from New Jork to wax perceptual with his favorite Man of Science. These clever lads serve up some tasty tricks to confuse your senses and Grant expounds upon why happem. Zombles, chainsaw Sally, and an unorthodox way to keep a bear nest clean are all waiting for your drinker's ears. Better stretch first.

 Surprise Finale! This episode concludes Season 1 of Blastropodcast. Blastropodcast Season 2 will begin in October, 2015. Don't worry, my precious gentle darlings, Muffed Movies will continue to come out twice a month until then.

 Learn more about Grant here. 

 The intro to this episode was righteously sound designed by friend of the show, Keith Hand. Thanks Keith!

This episode was sponsored by Cards Against Humanity. Thanks Cards!

Blastropodcast is a member of the Chicago Podcast Cooperative . Thanks thing...?

The file DescenteInfinie.ogg was played in this episode as an example of "the Shepard tone". This file was created by Wikimedia Commons user Gloumouth1 and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

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