Tasty Science with a Side of Baloney

Welcome to Blastropodcast! I'm your host, Dottore Balordo, legendary Man of SCIENCE, and master of the Podchamber. I command your ears to listen to my podcast and your brain to accept its wisdom.

Comedy! Science! Malapropisms! An army of hapless guests and much more! Listen to an episode, won't you? Yes. 

Episode 28: Sci-myths in Eyemouth w/ Blurry Photos

David Flora and Dave Stecco from the Blurry Photos podcast team up with Dottore to find and vanquish the fearsome wyvern from Castle Balordo! Also they tackle popular myths of Science (but mostly just laugh and nerd out about fun moments from podcasting). Dust off those mumply old honey-fingers, cause you're in for a serious milk-job!

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