Tasty Science with a Side of Baloney

Welcome to Blastropodcast! I'm your host, Dottore Balordo, legendary Man of SCIENCE, and master of the Podchamber. I command your ears to listen to my podcast and your brain to accept its wisdom.

Comedy! Science! Malapropisms! An army of hapless guests and much more! Listen to an episode, won't you? Yes. 

Episode 27: Sociology in a Scottish Cell

Harshish Chitkara shares a jail-side chat with Dottore in the fantastical village of Eyemouth. They wax sociological, sexualogical, and sackelogical! Will these Men of Science escape the clutches of the Brotherhood of the Winking Tooth? Only if they can harness the power of the elusive Bumblegoose! Also - sorry Bulgaria. 

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