Tasty Science with a Side of Baloney


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Look upon yon Blastropostles.

Devoted paragons in service of the flourishment of Blastropodcast.

Laud them oh mortal, laud them hard!

I. Grae Cat: Blastroposticus Primus

I. GRAE CAT: Blastroposticus Primus

  • Tis rumored near and abroad `twas Grae Cat did first rush to the aide of Dottore Balordo when he stumbled along the path to Damassachusetts. Renowned as the keeper of  the THING FROM JAPAN,  Grae Cat is generouse of heart,  proud to extol the blastrogospel, and swift in actions both vente and grande sized. Like yon predatory leviathan of the deep, Grae Cat did rise from the surface of the internet to become the First Blastropostle. Let us pray. 


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